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custom design & faq

custom design

Jackets, shoes, bags, you name it – I love working on custom pieces. If you’re looking for a custom design, please reach out with some info. Pssst… you can use the below to help kick things off;

  • Do you need a jacket or are you providing your own piece (shoes, bag, etc.)?
  • What kind of design are you looking for (straight up text, custom design, icons only)?
  • Any colour likes/dislikes?
  • Are you looking to include studs or patches (fabric dependent)?
  • Where are you located?
  • Do you have an idea of budget?

Once you’ve reached out with the above, I’ll put together an estimate and start working with you on a suggested design layout. Exciting!

frequently asked questions

where's maggie may come from?

Margaret’s my middle name and May’s my mom’s middle name… it just worked out.

How does pricing work?

Depending on the project, I typically start with a base fee of $75. Each hour on top of that is $25/hour. Pricing’s dependent on a variety of things – how much time is required to paint, complexity of design, studs vs. no studs. Any questions on pricing, please get in touch!

Do you provide the jacket or is it possible to send in my favourite?

Whatever works best for you! I sell pre-painted jackets and especially love working on custom pieces. I’m always happy to source jackets (or shoes, bags, etc.) but generally recommend starting with something you know is going to fit just right.

see something you like that's out of stock?

All jackets are one of a kind, so once it sells it’s gone! If you weren’t able to snag a piece time, get in touch and we can use the sold design for inspiration on another piece – made custom just for you.

Do you only work on jackets?

I can work on just about anything – jackets, shoes, bags, skirts, jeans etc. I’m always up for a challenge, so please throw whatever you’ve got my way.

Does the item material matter?

It depends on what you’re looking for. Genuine leather holds paint the best thanks to its porosity, whereas faux leather can run the risk of chipping. Denim holds paint really well and tends to not crack at all.

does the design ever crack or chip?

Same as above, it totally depends – faux leather has a tendency to chip slightly, based on the porosity of the fabric (and lack there-of thanks to its synthetic nature). Genuine leather is less likely to chip, and denim doesn’t crack unless completely stretched. I wouldn’t be comfortable selling something that I didn’t believe was going to last, but also want to be totally transparent, sometime it’s just inevitable. Good news? The chipped look has a great look and feel – tres retro.

What are my shipping options?

I’m currently located in London, UK and offer shipping worldwide, as well as free local pick-ups.

what paint do you use?

I’m absolutely obsessed with Jacquard paints. Their massive assortment of metallic and matte paints are specifically formulated for leather. Most importantly, their colours show up perfectly on every surface, no matter the base.

what colours are available?

Name a colour and chances are I’ve cluttered my space up with it. With ranges of Jacquard’s metallic, matte, pearlescent, and more – the options to mix and match (and combine if you’re looking for a specific tint) are endless. Some of my obsessions right now are rose gold, halo blue, and various golds and silvers. I’m also currently really digging the hot pink and red combo.

Is the paint waterproof?

Of course! As a Raincouver local it was important to me to work with water resistant paint. In addition, I heat set every piece ensuring it’s waterproof and less likely to chip.

where's my package?

All tracking details will be provided in an email once an item’s shipped. If you lose the shipment confirmation email, please get in touch and I’ll resend.

exchanges and returns?

I want to do absolutely everything in my power to make sure you’re happy with your purchase. Please get in touch if you’re not 100% satisfied and we’ll work together to find a solution.

Still have questions? I’d love to hear from you! Shoot a note through the contact form and we’ll go from there.